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Our Survey Solutions Cover the Entire Product Cycle Span
Early drafts or finals — test at any development stage
Step 1
The Concept Phase lays the groundwork for the entire New Product Development journey. It is about understanding the market's needs and formulating innovative ideas to address those needs.
Insight Screen
Narrow down your list of insights. Identify dead-ends and focus.
Idea Screen
Narrow down your list of raw ideas. Identify dead-ends and focus.
Concept Test
In-depth testing. Does your idea sell? What can be improved?
Step 2
The Product Phase is where the concepts identified and validated in the previous step are transformed into tangible product attributes. Take your pick from our suite of survey solutions to test any product attributes.
Claim Test
Which of the USPs to focus on?
Design Test
Does your product design sell? What can be improved?
Name Test
Which name is the most appealing, appropriate and interesting?
Price Test
What is the optimal price tag?
Create a project
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Step 3
The Marketing Phase focuses on effectively communicating the product to the target audience and creating strategies for successful product promotion. We developed survey solutions to cover every aspect of your marketing communication.
Message Test
Which message to choose for your ad?
Visual Test
Does your banner or leaflet sell? What can be improved?
Video Test
Audio Test
Does your video sell? What can be improved?
Does your audio sell? What can be improved?
Promo Test
Does your promo sell? What can be improved?
Special Purpose
Did not find a test to match your needs? Check out the survey solutions in this section that offer alternative services.
Rank It
Identify the best variant of anything.
DIY Surveys
Design your own questionnaire.
UX Check
Does your landing page sell?
Our market research platform was conceived to meet the increasing demand for rapid and targeted research. Our long-term expertise and cutting-edge technology tools guarantee that we deliver our clients valuable responses and actionable insights. Fast!

Use these advanced surveys for rapid research at any stage of New Product Development. Easily drive focus, reduce uncertainty in the future and speed up business growth.

To maximise your efforts, we advise to embed research starting with the insight survey for the raw ideation stage in R&D. Immediately pinpoint the most promising ideas. Get a clear understanding of what needs adjustment. And move forward without wasting money and resources.

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