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What can be improved?

Audio Test

How it works
Our success team is ready to support you at each stage
Upload your audio
Set up a project
Specify your target group
Choose sample size
Choose the best option
Improve according to metrics
Act upon the report
Automated data collection in 24 hours
How many?
1-10 audios. You will be able to compare the tested audios.
Real people who fit the target audience criteria. Consumers from 50+ countries are available now and the number is growing.
How will it be tested?
Testing audio
The testing will be conducted through an online survey. Each respondent will evaluate only one audio. In everyday life, people don't compare ads; they either buy into them or don't. Ad evaluation takes place without additional explanation - the audio speaks for itself.
You can test advertising or informational audio lasting up to two minutes. How well does the audio perform? Does it pique interest? Is everything clear? Does it stimulate action? Which option is better? What can be improved?
up to 2 minutes in mp3 format
and includes the following questions.
and includes
The simple survey is based on
the following questions.
Thinking about what is being communicated in this audio recording, is it relevant to you and your needs?
Is this ad believable?
Do you feel motivated to learn more about what's being communicated in this audio recording?
Do you feel motivated to try what's being communicated in this audio recording?
If you heard this audio recording in real life, would you tell your friends about it?
Is this audio recording interesting to you?
Is this audio recording understandable to you?
Do you like this audio recording in general?
Tell us why you feel this way (*optional).
How unique is this audio recording?
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Audio Test:
Testing of two variants of audio advertising (short and long)
for the Marmite product brand
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