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Are your landing pages effective in generating leads?
Is navigation on your website user-friendly? How does your website's UX compare to that of your competitors?

UX Check

How it works
Our success team is ready to support you at each stage
Upload your layouts or web pages
Set up a project
Specify your target group
Choose sample size
Improve user experience according to feedback
Act upon the report
Automated data collection in 24 hours
Choose the best mockup option
How many?
You can test and compare from 1 to 10 websites or layouts.
Real people who fit the target audience criteria. Consumers from 50+ countries are available now and the number is growing.
How will it be tested?
UX Check
The testing will be conducted through an online survey. Each respondent will evaluate only one website. Respondents can be given a task to complete a particular action on the website. In such cases, we will ask how easy it was to complete the task. The respondent navigates away to the website, attempts to complete the task, returns to the survey, and provides feedback on their experience. The evaluation is then recorded. Mouse movements are not recorded, and site navigation isn't tracked.
You can test actual websites (whole sections or single pages), prototypes, or app web layouts - anything that can be accessed via a web link or preliminary layouts as images. Compare your website with competitors - it doesn't require assigning code to the website. And optionally, give the respondents a task, such as finding a certain document within the page.
Webpage layouts
up to 10 images in bmp, jpg, jpeg, gif, and png
Web pages
live links
The simple survey includes the following questions.
Did you manage to complete the task? (IF TASK)
How easy was it to do? (IF TASK)
Thinking about the website you just looked at, how do you feel about each of the following statements?
  • The website is easy to use.
  • It's credible.
  • It makes me want to tell my friends about it.
  • I will likely visit this website.
  • It's an attractive website! I like it.
What DIDN'T you like or found inconvenient?
See the
UX Check:
Which banking site is
the most user-friendly?
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