Innovate with confidence

Validate product and marketing decisions with real people using our hassle-free testing tool

Make the most of it with us
Researchers, product managers and marketers achieve KPIs easily and increase confidence
Test at each stage of the product development
Use our automated ready-to-run solutions for validating product ideas
Release yourself from routine research work
Increase the percentage of successful product launches
Become a happier and more valuable researcher with automation
Speed up the product innovation cycle
Self-launch a project
Get results
Digest, share
& act
Attention window
per decision

It only takes 5 minutes to launch a survey on Fastuna. The rest of the process does not require your involvement at all. Our platform will take care of everything! Getting an actionable report has become almost as easy as doing nothing.

We believe that making a business decision according to the customer's voice should be quick and almost effortless. That's why we packed the maximum number of research stages into automated ready-to-run solutions.

Speed up the product innovation cycle

product development
evaluation of results
marketing development
Gain time by testing raw ideas at a very early concept stage. Choose the ones to go with and get the first feedback from people.
Complete your routine research tasks with ease. Test ideas, names, logos, designs, prices, and the elements of user experience.
How satisfied are your consumers? Are there areas that can be improved? Get results at a glance.
Do you want to take your sales to the next level? Test сommunication: commercials, banners, ad messages, promo campaigns.

Did you know that 90% of product decisions are made without validation by real people? Test more often with us. It's easy, as our solutions follow the innovation process and are aligned with business tasks. Your team members will become more confident that they are developing better products.

Increase the percent of successful product launches

Become a happier and more valuable researcher with automation

Stop drowning in routine projects getting the benefits
of market research automation. In this playbook, we will look at what a researcher can do to keep from going crazy
on the one hand and to help the business become more efficient on the other.

Businesses are forced to get better products to market faster. Within the same business, multiple independent teams are simultaneously working on multiple new products. For the researcher, this situation is close to disaster.

Boost your team's confidence with consumer testing. You will be creating better products faster.
Use Fastuna to do all your routine research with ease. You will be a superhero for your colleagues.
For a marketer or a product manager
For a market researcher

Are you a marketer, researcher, or product manager? Then you will love this tool as it helps you to achieve your KPIs with ease.

Release yourself from routine research work

Consumer goods, retail, pharma and other companies grow their businesses with us.

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Over 20 years of market research & business management.
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7 years of minding the gap between people and technology.
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Over 20 years of market research, management and consumer strategy.
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