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Insight-Driven Marketing for Haleon
Natalia Platonova

Insights Manager OTC | Haleon DACH
We have been working with Fastuna for six months now, and our marketing team's conversations have significantly improved.

They can use the platform to perform a variety of tests themselves, or with the help of Fastuna's customer success team, and learn essential insights from their interaction with consumers one iteration after another.
Haleon's marketing teams actively sought the expertise of Insight Managers to validate their ideas, and that's when a challenge came up. These insights experts were swamped with numerous strategic projects, leaving them with limited availability for tackling tactical tasks.
A much-needed solution emerged when Insights Managers introduced their colleagues in marketing to Fastuna's standardised, automated, and foolproof research solutions. With the support of Fastuna's expert team, marketers could now independently conduct tactical research tasks with just 15 minutes of their time investments.
The impact of this collaboration is remarkable. Marketers at Haleon are now equipped to make informed decisions backed by consumer validation of their ideas. As more and more test data is collected, they can establish benchmarks and effectively compare innovative concepts. So, Insights Experts have elevated the quality of marketing team developments while refocusing their attention on strategic responsibilities. It's a win-win!
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