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Fostering Teams' Innovative Thinking at Bayer's Hackathon

Ekaterina Kharitonova
Global Leader for Integrated Media and Measurement at Bayer
Fastuna proved a great partner to work with: quick and smart, proactively supporting all hackathon members to make their concepts user-friendly. Their platform allowed us to get a consumer perspective and detailed feedback just overnight! Everyone here in Bayer enjoyed working with the Fastuna team.
Bayer aimed to foster innovation and creativity among its employees, changing their mindset to believe that everyone can contribute valuable ideas. They sought to inspire a cultural shift within the company.
Bayer partnered with Fastuna and organized a three-day event called "I Days" featuring inspiration talks, masterclasses, and a hackathon. Teams composed of Bayer employees and start-ups used inventive thinking techniques to generate ideas. Fastuna's platform facilitated concept submission and overnight validation by 100 consumers in the UK, promoting agile thinking and turning theories into actionable innovation concepts in just one day.
"I Days" resulted in increased employee curiosity and innovation, with one-third of the workforce participating and fostering cross-divisional collaboration. The focus on speed, iteration, and focus delivered tangible ideas. Consumer feedback underscored a consumer-centric approach. Bayer successfully instilled a culture of innovation, showcasing each individual's potential. The partnership with Fastuna played a pivotal role in delivering a user-friendly platform for concept validation, contributing to the initiative's success.
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