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How it works

You don't have to be an expert in research. We deliver this expertise in a simple way that's easy to follow.
Ready-to-run solutions
We developed a range of fully automated solutions to inform a wide range of business decisions. All solutions are tested and validated using large sample sizes across different markets. All you need to do is select the right solutions for you.
Intuitive setup
Project setup takes minutes. Just upload materials you want to test, choose your target audience and you are ready to go. No need to write any questionnaires, we have done it for you.
See how easy it is to setup an Video Test
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Data collection
We send our surveys to real people (ask respondents) who fit the selection criteria required for your test. Respondents answer our simple questionnaires online using PC or smartphones at the time most convenient for them.
Thanks to our standardised approach you can benefit from comparing your test results with the 'industry average' at no additional cost.
Actionable report
An easy to comprehend report which helps make the right business decisions. Includes quantitative scores ('what's') as well as qualitative comments from your consumers ('why's'). As soon as they are obtained respondent opinions go straight into your reports. That's why Fastuna is so fast.
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We collaborate with Cint and Lucid, both highly reputable panel aggregators, who work with trusted sample partners (known as panel providers) offering quality respondents and a worldwide reach. Both Cint and Lucid coordinate the process of obtaining and aggregating respondents from different panel providers.

Founded in 1998 Cint are one of the largest panel aggregators in Europe and worldwide that hosts 40 million registered consumers worldwide. Lucid, founded in 2010, runs surveys with consumers in 80 countries and cooperate with over 200 panel providers globally.
Take a quick tour of our solutions, tools and features. We'll show you how to launch a project and what a typical report looks like.

Learn how our toolkit can help you test product ideas, features and marketing communication. Compare different ideas and focus on the ones your audience likes best!

We test with real people across 50 markets and results come in within 24 hours. Make decisions based on consumer insights to innovate quickly and with confidence!
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Learn how everything works
From testing ad visuals and videos to product ideas to user experiences — you can count on Fastuna.
Innovate with confidence
Validate product and marketing decisions with real people in 24h using our hassle-free testing tool