Olga Keating
08 July 2020
Gillette "We believe - The best men can be"

What was tested? The controversial ad by Gillette — "We believe — The best men can be", which completely polarised the social media. We were curious whether those voices were representative of the real views. So we launched a quick test with Fastuna.

How was it tested? Fastuna solution: Video Test. Male and Female, 18−65 years old, within the UK, from all social grades. Standard option of 100 people per video.

What did we learn? As expected comments were quite polarising and emotionally charged. The overall score was just above average. Would a giant such as P&G commission an average idea without testing? Doubtful, the ad is sitting at the crossroads of a sensitive issue and that friction is what is causing it to go viral. Click on the link to see the full report. It is short and succinct but very interesting and scroll down for consumer comments!
It is showing that time have changed, over the years people have pasted down different behaviour and if you yourself can help change it for the better such as no bullying,fighting,assault etc we can stop it for our children
Female, 38
This is so cringy... why your trying make all men as the problems ?!! im not sexist but this is going to far ...
Male, 23
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