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Maria Soroka
8 September 2021

Will Colgate KEEP carry on? New smart toothbrush test results

I remember sometime in 2019 we practiced our innovative skills with the Fastuna team and internally tested some unique new product ideas. One idea was a manual toothbrush with a replaceable head. It was perceived as "ok" mainly because half of the audience already used electric toothbrushes, not manual ones. In addition, they were not sure what the execution would look like in real life. For those interested, see the results of our 2019 internal test.
And this year, when the sustainability agenda is very high, we see Colgate-Palmolive launch their smart innovation: Colgate KEEP. We loved not only the smart and elegant execution of the toothbrush but also the very compelling key message of cutting down plastic waste by 80%.
But will consumers like it as much as we do? We asked exactly the same TA in Britain that we interviewed back in 2019 what they thought about it.
How did we test this idea
What did we test. Colgate KEEP concept.
Who did we target. National representative sample of Brits between 18 to 65 y.o. from the UK.
How was it tested. We used the Concept Test solution on the Fastuna platform. Online panel respondents were sent a survey link to their email. After reading about the product, they answered our survey questions. We also added bespoke questions about what kind of toothbrush they used and whether they were willing to sacrifice practicality for the stability of their toothbrush.
All the ideas we test are publicly available and we test them at our own expense.
'Fantastic idea!'
Bingo! Majority of Brits just loved the idea. The overall perception score was 83 out of 100, which is outstanding according to Fastuna’s standardized norms. Other important KPIs such as uniqueness, believability, purchase intent, search and sharing potential are all in the 'green' area. And this is because of the combination of a very strong idea of saving plastic and the attractive design of this toothbrush.
'I think it’s a fantastic idea saves you buy a new toothbrush, so saves money and is better for the environment' - Female, 22 y.o.
'Saves on plastic and it’s the first I have seen with this idea. I like the idea!' - Female, 32 y.o.
'It's very attractive in design and is simple to understand' - Male, 36
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Good but not for me
However, we can see that relevance is the only KPI that lags behind. Perhaps because more than 40% of the sample were electric toothbrush users?
Nevertheless, with a high trial interest rate of 81%, Colgate KEEP has a good chance of success in the market.
'Really don’t see the point when they already do this for electric brushes' - Male, 21 y.o.
KEEP calm and carry on
Will they trade sustainability for practicality? Practicality seems to win. While most were happy with the idea and execution, it looks like KEEP has it all. Well done Colgate and KEEP carry on!
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