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DIY Surveys

How it works
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Upload your questionnaire
Set up a project
Specify your target group
Choose sample size
Make business decisions based on gathered data
Act upon the report
Automated data collection in 24 hours
How many?
You can ask your target audience up to 20 questions of your choice.
Real people who fit the target audience criteria will participate in the survey. They are either consumers from online panel (50+ countries available) or your current clients (CRM, website, push-notifications in app).
How will it be tested?
DIY Surveys
Through an online survey. The DIY solution is based on asking respondents your own questions. In case you test ideas, the consumers make direct comparison. Respondents evaluate all uploaded ideas and are asked for their preferences. Benchmarking is not available with this solution though.
The solution enables you to use your own questionnaires to ask respondents up to 20 questions of your choice. Ask consumers anything about their behaviour and preferences, test product and marketing ideas. You can have complex conditions for showing a question i.e. show a question only to those who like xxx or those who did not reject yyy. Read more about the possibilities of the DIY solution here.
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DIY Surveys:
Research into the attitude toward dairy vs non-dairy milk
Respondents answered 9 questions about their milk consumption preferences: which milk do they prefer more, why do they choose alternative milk, which brands of milk do they choose.
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