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Upload insight statements
Set up a project
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Choose sample size
Narrow down the list
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You can test and compare up to 30 ideas.
Real people who fit the target audience criteria. Consumers from 50+ countries are available now and the number is growing.
How will it be tested?
Insight statements testing
Through an online survey. Each respondent will evaluate 5 insights (randomized).
You can screen up to 30 insights to identify the most and least promising ones. When crafting an insight, remember that it should be a tension statement, succinctly presented in one or two sentences.
Optionally you can upload relevant materials:
up to 1000 characters
Insight description
- images (bmp, jpg, jpeg, gif, png)
- up to 2 min video (avi, .mov, .mp4, .mpeg, .ogg, .qt, .webm, .flv)
and includes the following questions.
and includes
The simple survey is based on
the following questions.
Is it about you?
Is it a new way to think about this topic?
Tell us why you feel this way?
See the
Insight Screen:
I like to find a gift that would make my partner happy on Valentine’s Day. But I always struggle to come up with an idea for a perfect gift.
On Valentine’s Day, I often feel pressure to plan the perfect romantic evening for my significant other.
Romantic evening
Insight Ideas:
St. Valentine's Day Insights
(16 in total):
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