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The joy of delegating research tasks to your team members

Aleksandra Taranova
Customer Success Specialist
As an insights expert, your role is not an easy one. With a constant influx of tasks and limited resources, it can be overwhelming to keep up with the demands. However, there is a solution that can alleviate some of the pressure and empower your team members at the same time - delegating research tasks to them.
4 reasons why you should start delegating right now
To boost productivity
- Increased efficiency in research tasks

- Division of labour among team members

- Concentration on core research tasks
To enhance teamwork
- Building trust within the team

- Improved communication and collaboration

- Encourages creativity and innovation
To develop leadership skills
- Enhances delegation skills

- Develops critical thinking skills

- Fosters mentorship and coaching skills
To lead to better results
- Diverse insights and perspectives

- More comprehensive and thorough research

- Improved quality of work

From service provider to business influencer

As an insights manager, it's crucial to transition from being solely a service provider to becoming a business influencer. One of the steps to this transition is to embrace automation and standardisation of the processes, as well as the integration of rapid consumer feedback. Stay ahead of the curve by exploring the potential of AI and understanding how it can be leveraged to compete with emerging consumer-centric brands!
The future of the insights function lies in being a multifaceted business consultant.
  • Educate and collaborate with different teams, promoting insights throughout the company.
  • Divide tasks into two groups: those that can be standardised and those that require your specialised involvement.
  • Build databases and benchmarks for collecting and analysing large amounts of data, enabling your team to extract valuable insights efficiently.
Success story: Enhancing consumer feedback and strategic allocation with Fastuna
Challenge: A company with limited resources, only three insights managers, struggled to balance strategic projects and smaller tactical tasks. Their research process was ad-hoc, lacking systematic testing for most tactical activities.

Goal: To provide timely consumer feedback and allocate more time for strategic initiatives.

Solution: The company partnered with Fastuna, leveraging its user-friendly interface and seamless integration. They streamlined product and ad creation, enhanced collaboration with marketers and brand managers, and allowed insights managers to prioritise strategic projects.

Outcome: Over 30 marketers now use Fastuna, leading to a significant increase in consumer-validated tasks. Insights managers now allocate 90% of their time to strategic activities, driving growth and innovation within the company. Fastuna's adoption has improved efficiency, data-driven decision-making, and overall insights management processes.

Potential challenges and how to overcome them

It is essential to be mindful of potential side effects when delegating research tasks. Two common concerns are: feeling out of control and questioning the need for your role as an insights manager.
Balancing control and trust for effective results. To address the first concern, you can implement different levels of control based on the nature of the project and the capabilities of your team members. For critical projects, you may choose to retain final approval authority to ensure quality and accuracy. For others, you can entrust your team with full responsibility, allowing them to take ownership and demonstrate their capabilities.
Leading the way: Insights managers' role in guiding and aligning team efforts. As for the second concern, organising and managing the research process is where your value as an insights manager shines through. By establishing frameworks, providing guidance, and overseeing the overall research strategy, you ensure that the research conducted by your team aligns with the business objectives. This organisational role positions you as a valuable resource and leader within your organisation.
Leveraging DevOps-inspired pipelines for quality results. To effectively delegate research tasks, it's essential to build and manage research pipelines, similar to how DevOps is implemented in software development. By establishing standardised processes and methodologies, you ensure consistency and quality in the research conducted by your team. This also allows you to focus on educating and guiding your team members, helping them become more efficient and sustainable in their research practices.

Delegating concept creation, product development and ad testing

Now, let's explore some specific research tasks that you can confidently delegate to your team members with Fastuna's help:
1. Concept Creation and Testing: Delegate the responsibility of testing concepts from the earliest stages, including evaluating insights, ideas, and concept viability. Your team can contribute valuable perspectives and help refine concepts before they move further in the development process.

Best practice approach for developing a concept with consumer feedback →
2. Product Development: Task your team with testing and evaluating product attributes such as choosing and assessing names, designs, and other relevant factors. Their input can provide valuable insights for refining and optimising the final product.
3. Marketing Campaigns: Empower your team members to generate marketing ideas and create promotional materials, including audio, video, messages, and other promotional content. Their creativity and diverse perspectives can contribute to the success of marketing campaigns.
By effectively delegating these research tasks, you not only lighten your own workload but also foster a sense of ownership and empowerment among your team members. And by embracing the future of the insights function, educating and collaborating with teams, you can elevate your role as an insights manager to that of a strategic business influencer.
So, embrace delegation, trust in your team's capabilities, and unlock the true potential of your organisation's research efforts.
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