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Launching a New Product? Learn How to Choose the Best Name for it, with Confidence

Anna Kupriyanova
Decision-making fatigue is a scary thing when you are faced with many options and a lack of time to make the right decision. For our latest case study we decided to play pretend, imagining ourselves as a brand of noise-cancelling headphones that has 3 naming options to choose between.
The options were: Monsters, HyperSound, NoNoise

To get quick consumer feedback we used Fastuna's research solution Name Test

It only takes three steps to set up and launch the test (and a few minutes of your time):
  1. Upload your naming options + an image of your product.
  2. Specify your target audience (country, age, gender, number of respondents).
  3. Get an evaluation of your options in 24 hours.
In our case we received results in less than 5 hours.
Which name is the most appealing, appropriate and interesting for your product/service/event? What to improve? With the Name Test research solution, you can test naming ideas for a product or service. Getting actionable results only requires 15 minutes of your time.
Stimuli: Three name ideas for headphones, with image and description.
Target: United Kingdom, male, female, from 18 to 65 years, 100 respondents per name idea sample size, 300 respondents in total.
Research Solution: Name Test — a ready-to-use research solution by Fastuna (online survey).
Name Test solution: name options comparison table
From this table alone we can see which option is the most liked by the consumers. But let's get a bit deeper and take a look at a detailed breakdown of the three options and how they compare to each other below.
Name Test solution: breakdown of three options by 5 criteria
We can now choose or adjust the name based on the ratings. But it's also helpful to read through the final part of the report: consumer comments about the product naming options. Those can give you a peace of mind, confirming that the name works, or can provide ideas for a name alteration or refinement. Such as:

It's short and sweet - nice and to the point - hyper sound positive and its based on sound — Female, 37 (on HyperSound name option)
Sounds like the headphones are broken rather than cancelling noise — Male, 53 (on NoNoise name option)
I don't think the name reflects the high quality product — Male, 47 (on Monsters name option)
So there you have it. It only takes three steps to choose a name that is liked, viewed as relevant, catchy, and that reflects your product's quality, all based on consumer insights delivered to you lightning fast!
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