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Black Friday Ads.
Find Out What Consumers Really Think About Them

Marat Sustavov
Marketing Director, Fastuna
Starting in November each year, consumers on all continents start receiving promotional offers. Known as Black Friday, a marketing offensive that appeared in the US, retailers are battling for consumer attention. So we wanted to determine consumers' perceptions of Black Friday ads.
We tested three commercials of Amazon, Walmart and Jumia to see the attitude towards promotion on different continents — America, Europe and Africa, and to help you learn from significant companies' experiences.

The UK audience about Amazon ad

Commercials should lead to consumer action and increase sales. Amazon certainly hit the spot with the video being liked. People found the main character, Yeti, cute and funny. The audience also got the idea — the opportunity to buy goods related to Christmas time for a better price. But will this translate into an increase in sales? KPIs that lead to action are pretty average. So it may not drive purchases as intended.
It shows me that Amazon will help me get prepared for Christmas. I am a big fan of Amazon. I also like the character and the humour in the advert. — Female, 40
The general likability is high, but KPIs related to actions are pretty average. See full report →
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The USA audience about Walmart’s ad

Compared to the Amazon ad, Walmart, though the video was not as cute and funny, delivered a clear message — Black Friday starts on Monday, and the members have the priority to start shopping earlier than the others. Therefore, purchasing intent is higher compared to Amazon.
It’s a good-quality video. Love the deals they showed for Walmart. — Female, 42
The video wasn't that interesting, though it delivers the message and drives purchases. See full report →

The South African audience about Jumia’s ad

A vibrant video from Africa's leading e-commerce platform, Jumia, launching its Black Friday sales commencing from the 4th of November, scored very good results with 74 out of 100 points. The audience liked it for its music and down-to-earth scenes at the market, hospital and home.
People look so happy, smiling, and colourful, they look like a real family, taking care of each other! — Male, 57
All KPIs are good or excellent. See full report →

Consumer behavior for Black Friday promotions

We also looked at country specifics and compared them against each other. And we found South African consumers are more likely to purchase during Black Friday promotions than the US or UK.
Consumers use Black Friday mainly to do their x-mas shopping, with consumers in the US and South Africa willing to spend more and plan their purchases ahead than their counterparts in the UK.
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