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How Icky is the Ad for the New Coca Cola Flavor?

Anna Kupriyanova
One thing we love about operating an automated market research platform is how fast we can settle debates. Case and point:
  • Coca Cola released an ad for its new Raspberry Spiced flavor. We watched it, had mixed feelings about it, argued internally whether it did a good job of selling the product, and then - we let our video testing solution do its thing.
  • Within 24 hours we learned how consumers in the US really feel about the ad, what worked and what gave them the ick.

Let's get into the details.
Stimuli: a video ad for a new Coca Cola Spiced flavor.
Target: United States, male, female, from 18 to 65 years, 100 respondents sample size.
Research Solution: Video Test — a ready-to-use market research tool by Fastuna for testing video ads (online survey).
First, the big picture. Our market research platform uses a set of built-in norms to evaluate creative materials or product ideas in simple terms: excellent, good, average or bad. You can read more about why we use one set of norms across all industries here.
Video Testing solution. Automated market research platform. Fastuna
Video Ad Testing solution: general perception score is above the average
As indicated by a soothing green color of this chart, the ad scored well - it is above average.
But something is dragging the general perception score down, otherwise it would've hit the "25% of the best" mark. So, what's wrong?
Do people like your video ad? Does it stimulate action? How to improve it? With the Video Surveying research solution, you can test finished ads and video drafts. Getting actionable results only requires 15 minutes of your time.
People had a liking problem with the ad. In that…they didn't
A quick glance at the dashboard below is enough to spot the culprit: relevance and likeability scored below the average.
Our automated solutions are carefully optimized as each standard objective is reflected in the pre-set questionnaires we offer and takes into account the specifics of the tested materials. Learn about the model behind the metrics in our blog.
The good news, of course, is that people still want to try the new Coke, as indicated by the gloriously green "try/purchase" score. But we're curious about the negative feedback. What exactly rubbed people the wrong way? To answer that, let's turn to the comment section where people shared their thoughts…with varying levels of snark.
Video Surveying. Automated market research platform. Fastuna test results
Video Ad Testing solution: breakdown of the ad by 9 criteria
Some appreciated the ad for the diversity of ages:
I really liked that, very different from the blah bland stuff showing nowadays. Variety of people, young and old - I liked it. I am going to try that spiced soda! — Female, 64
The video was a fun way to make me aware that Coke has a new product available. I thought it made the product look exciting for all ages. — Female, 59
A few people had a lukewarm reaction to the ad:
The video was ok but a bit cheesy, I could not relate to the spice that the people were trying to explain. — Male, 52
I didn't hate it but if I never see it again I will be alright. — Female, 59
Most commonly, people were repulsed by the imagery:
I hate to see or hear other people drinking. It showed a woman gulping and that disgusted me. — Female, 45
It's pretty weird. Also, I hate seeing the inside of people's mouths. — Male, 29
We see what you did there, Coke!
Very few people actually felt neutral about the ad. Instead, the respondents were divided into two camps: those who found the ad vivid and exciting, and those who found it disturbing. Negative or positive reaction, the ad still managed to grab attention and introduce the new flavor in a memorable way. Someone has clearly done their market research before going into production.
This is why we always advocate for testing at early stages of ad development. Early testing will prevent you from unwelcome surprises down the line (and flunking your budget). We advise to use our video testing solution not just for finished ads but also for drafts: bordomatics, animatics and storytellings.
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