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Olga Keating
08 July 2020

Warburtons "GoodBagels" ad test

What was tested? The cinematic ad for Warburtons starring Robert De Niro — "GoodBagels" which went viral as soon as it was uploaded online. While a momentary intrigue occurred in the media whether paying for the privilege of having an A-list actor will pay off, it was short lived. Often brands get lost in such great cinematic productions but not this one. But were there any reservations? To find out we launched a quick ad test with Fastuna.

How was it tested? Fastuna solution: Video Test. Male and Female, 18−65 years old, within the UK, from all social grades. Standard option of 100 people per video.

What did we learn? As expected, the overall score was great. It was found to be unique and funny making it a great ad to share thus causing it to go viral. While positive overall the comments tell a slightly more complicated story. Click on the link to see the full report.
It’s an amusing advert and is instantly memorable thanks to the use of Robert De Niro and THE film references.
Male, 41
Embarrassed for Robert DeNiro to have to do this kind of thing nowadays
Male, 45
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