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Maria Soroka
15 Feb 2021

Let's order in! What are the Consumer habits during lockdown 3.0?

At Fastuna, we like to prove how our solutions can gather quality results on real-time topics quickly. We decided to look at consumer behaviour on ready-to-eat food delivery services during this current lockdown period.

Typically January is a quieter month for food outlets, as we try to cut back on expenses, focus on health and use the post holiday period to recuperate from the festivities. But January 2021 has taken a slightly different turn, especially when it comes to food delivery. We interviewed 100 Brits aged between 18−65, users of food delivery, take away or food boxes within the past 2 months to get an insight into their recent behaviours using Fastuna DIY solution.

The results:

Over 70% of Brits did use food delivery services or had take away within the past two months. 57% of those rely on food delivery providers such as Just Eat, Deliveroo and Uber Eats and 35% order directly from the food outlet.
Only 10% opted for ready-to-cook boxes or recipe boxes. Hello Fresh is the most popular option, followed by Gousto.

Amongst top 3 food delivery chains, Just Eat is #1, followed by Deliveroo and Uber Eats.

McDonalds is the top choice for delivery among fast food chains, followed by KFC and Domino’s.
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As an overall trend, we found that many Brits (around 60%) started using food delivery more actively since the pandemic. Over a half order ready meals at least once a week! Amongst their reasons for ordering were treating themselves and their family, the convenience when in a hurry and having little time to cook, and avoiding going out due to the pandemic.

The response that came as a pleasant surprise is that 90% of Brits have excellent food delivery experiences. Even in villages, local pubs and restaurants are making an effort to get tasty foods to their customers.

Here's what some of our respondents said:
We made our dining room into a little restaurant for the evening and ordered our favourite meal for a restaurant experience at home. A candlelit dinner with a bottle of wine. A tradition we intend to carry on after the pandemic is over.
Male, 62
It’s just so handy and you have to support local businesses if you can while doing it in a safe and socially distanced way.
Male, 40
I used to collect food after college but I have learning remotely so delivery services are more convenient and still allows me to have my favourite food.
Female, 18
I have used the delivery service set up by a local pub / restaurant during the first lockdown and have done so every week ever since — partly for a weekly treat for my husband and me and partly to support a much loved local business.
Female, 64
My local pub — The Stables — is the best where I live. As I live in a small town, there is not the option of using chain restaurants or national delivery services like Deliveroo etc. They are just not available in my area.
Female, 64
Our local noodle bar "hot wok". Provide an excellent quality of food at reasonable prices and always make their assigned delivery slots.
Male, 44
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