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Are we all going to have a very merry Christmas?

21 December 2021
Michaela Faber
Maria Soroka
Each year we ask Brits and Germans to share their sentiments around Christmas. This year, we all hope that Christmas will be special. Different from last year, when both countries were stuck in lockdown. Fingers crossed we will have fun and be able to meet families and friends.
So, we asked a few questions about peoples' mood, their shopping habits, their concerns and their expectations around Christmas time and compared them to last year’s results. Let’s see what we got.
How did we run the study? We used the DIY solution on the Fastuna platform. Online panel respondents were sent a survey link to their email. We interviewed a nationally representative sample of 18−65 y.o. across the UK and Germany to get statistically reliable data.
For the full U.K report visit this link: https://app.fastuna.com/report/LptJfkae7t
For the full German report visit this link: https://app.fastuna.com/report/b6wuvMwBGr
How do people feel about Christmas this year?
Compared to 2020 we have more consumers thinking positively about Christmas this year. Numbers in Germany have gone up from 50% to 72% of people feeling either positive or very positive. Though generally the UK population seems more positive compared to their German fellow humans, we can see a similar rise in % in the UK from 68% to 83%.
"Looking forward to the beautiful days and spending quiet days with my family", Germany, female, 55
"Happier that we will be having a normal Christmas this year", UK, male, 65
Though the overall mood is definitely up with most people being excited about the festive season, some worries in regards to Covid remain.
"Concerned that the Government may introduce restrictions on travel and I may not be able to see my family", UK, male, 38
"Not sure what the Corona situation will be at Christmas", Germany, female, 22
Our word clouds show how prominent Covid is still in people’s minds.
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Are consumers in a spending mood?
With a positive mood on the rise, people want to spend more on Christmas gifts this year, compared to 2020. The number of people who spent more or a lot more than usual has gone up in both countries by quite a bit from 9% to 26%.
Last minute shoppers on the rise?
Who would have thought that about 40% of Germans and Brits haven’t bought their presents yet with less than 2 weeks until Christmas! And yes over 60% of consumers in both Germany and the UK started buying gifts by this time. That means: get ready, retailers!
Online shopping remains the winner though less strong compared to last year
Although it dropped a bit this year, online remains the main channel for Christmas shopping.
About a half of Brits are back to high street shopping and are buying their gifts in supermarkets or hypermarkets. Germas remain reluctant and stick to online shopping as their first choice, while only 31% and 23% shop in supermarkets and the local stores respectively.
Are Christmas cards more popular in the UK?
Yes, they are! A total of 37% of consumers in the UK have started writing Christmas cards, Only 14% of their German counterparts have done the same two weeks before Christmas. Brits are really serious about it and they love buying, giving and receiving their Christmas cards in abundance!
Do new vaccination rules impact the number of restaurant visits in Germany?
Interesting but figures haven’t changed much since last year in either country as the number of people who booked a restaurant for the festive season remains low. This is because the majority stick to the tradition and are spending Christmas with their family and friends at home.
Can the travel industry take a breath of relief?
The number of consumers who have booked travel tickets in 2021 in Germany has gone up quite a bit from 1% in 2020 to 8% percent in 2021. In the UK it has gone up from 4% to 6%. We can see an increase which is great and remain hopeful that this trend will continue.
So what are people wishing for in 2022?
They are wishing for the end of Covid and for people to be healthy in 2022. It is followed by lottery wins and earning more money as wished by people in both countries in 2022.
"A change of government and good health", UK, male, 46
"No vaccine passports" UK, female, 56
"Covid be gone", UK, female, 18
"Health, no more lockdown", Germany, male, 38
"End of the pandemic", Germany, male, 60
Christmas Message to Humanity
'Wish you a very merry Christmas hope you get lots of happiness and be in good health with money and great success'. Female, 46
'Merry Christmas all. We can get through a lot if we all work together. Don’t blow it in 2022!' Male, 38
'Hello dear fellow human beings, everyone, peaceful holidays and a happy new year! Take care of yourself and your fellow human beings, animals and all of our planet!' Female, 52
'Love as honestly and intensely as you can' Female, 47
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