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Early Innovation Screening for Beiersdorf
Anna Fordkort
Global Director Consumer Connectivity at Beiersdorf
We wanted to work with an agency that holistically looks at the consumer-focused agile method development, considering changing consumer behaviours, including internal data users. Fastuna has become, contrary to other DIY platforms, a human partner to facilitate the screening process with Beiersdorf
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Beiersdorf faced a significant challenge when their insights managers consistently received unfavourable test outcomes for new product concepts. This led to mounting frustration within their marketing and product teams. Countless resources and efforts had been invested in development, only to end up with missed deadlines and the daunting possibility of restarting the entire process.
Fastuna stepped in with a proactive approach that reformed Beiersdorf's concept development process. Fastuna redesigned the process, developing custom standard screening solutions tailored to Beiersdorf's unique business needs in just three months. So what is the fundamental difference between then and now? Insights managers used to merely validate final concepts, but now they are actively involved in the process right from the initial stages of concept creation.
The results speak for themselves. Insights managers have become integral players in Beiersdorf's New Concept Development process, offering invaluable consumer insights and practical recommendations at every stage. This transformation ensures that only top-notch concepts advance to the final stage, where they perform exceptionally well in tests. Promising ideas receive dedicated attention and refinement, while weaker concepts are swiftly identified and eliminated during the screening phase.
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