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Testing Haribo Packaging with Turkish Consumers: Striking Market Research Results

Anna Kupriyanova
Haribo is internationally beloved. Those guys have been producing gummy bears since 1922 and the world is still pretty crazy about them. Why?
There's nostalgia for our happy childhood moments chewing colourful animals. And there's trust built by the brand. But what's the secret sauce?

In Turkey, they recently released a mix for Bayram, a three-day festival when sweets are eaten to celebrate the end of the fast of Ramadan month.

We ran a test with 100 Turkish consumers, ages 18 to 65 years old, to measure the likability, purchase intent and 7 other metrics that showed us how well Bayram mix was received.

To get quick consumer feedback we used our research solution Design Test.
Bayram Mix - a limited edition candy for celebration of the end of Ramadan
Stimuli: An image of Hairdo's Bayram Mix packing.
Target: Turkey, male, female, from 18 to 65 years, 100 respondents sample size.
Research Solution: Design Test — a ready-to-use market research solution by Fastuna (online survey).
Consumer rating of Haribo packaging - Fastuna market research results
Consumer rating of the product - Fastuna's research results
The General Perception score reflects the overall likeability of this promotion. It is also based on the KPIs that signal a person's readiness to ENGAGE with the tested material, such as desire to learn more about it and share it with others. The score reached the 25% of the best status. Which happens so rarely we were wowed by the results.

To understand what's behind this, let's take a look at the breakdown of 8 metrics that reflect the consumer attitude in detail.
Consumer ranking of Hairdo's Bayram mix. Fastuna - market research platform test results.
Consumer ranking of Hairdo's Bayram mix based on 8 key metrics
This report is any marketers dream come true. The respondents were delighted by the design of the product, its declared content, and were happy to spread the word about it.

Haribo expertly turns towards their consumers. They adapt flavours to specific regional preferences, pay attention to culture. They innovate.
Do consumers like your design? Which option is better? Does it stimulate to action? How can you improve it? With the Design Test research solution, you can test images of products or prototypes. Getting actionable results only requires 15 minutes of your time.
Now, let's take a look at some of the quotes from the respondents.
Above all, people appreciated that the Bayram Mix included lots of flavours, was shareable and honoured the holiday:
It was a very nice gesture as it shared the joy of the holiday, I liked it very much, it was nice to present it to the children for the holiday. - Male, 64
(translated from Turkish)
I liked the value the brand gave to the Eid and that it did something special for it. — Female, 33
(translated from Turkish)
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