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18 May 2021

Sustainability Report: What does sustainability mean to the British Public in 2021?

Maria Soroka
Brand owners expect consumers to value the sustainability claims they add to their packaging. But does the 2021 British public favour this, or even understand the value of these claims?

We launched a survey in conjunction with sustainable packaging, retail and supply chain consultancy, Medoola, to find out.

Timed around Sustainability Week, Fastuna teamed up with Medoola to dig deep into the minds of British consumers. We asked 200 Brits, using Fastuna's DIY solution, aged between 18-65 what they think about sustainability and packaging.

Do consumers have the same understanding of sustainability as brand owners?

What do they associate with sustainable brands, labels and products?

Are Brits buying into sustainable products and do they recycle?

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