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Olga Keating
17 Dec 2019

Christmas 2019 ads review

Much to my surprise, the ad that I personally liked was least preferred by the audience and the ad that I found least appealing performed very well. But that's why we do research! There is no place for subjective opinion in producing quality content for your audience. Instead we should be asking and listening to them.

So let's take a look at Ikea, Amazon and Aldi ads.

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Ikea. Sweetness vs. Home shaming and 'get your sh*t together' approach. Guess what? Sweetness wins.
Cutting through the sticky sweetness of Christmas ads comes the modern and fun Ikea ad featuring a song by D Double E (the greatest grime MC of all time as nominated by Skepta). The grime star soundtrack works as a musical pun to the grime and tacky decorations in the house. But, as much as people like the music and find the ad funny and different, that isn't enough. The ad lacks relevance. It presents a slightly disorganised and outdated home as a reason to be ashamed which majority just can't relate to or even find offensive.

"People shouldn't have to worry and feel rubbish about how their house looks to have/invited people." "It encourages people to be ashamed of what they have. It's, Home shaming, if you will. For those that are able to afford it, it encourages throwing out of perfectly good stuff. "It's everything that's wrong with the throw away society I which I was brought up and still live in."
Ok, we need to admit here: Brits LOVE sentimental Christmas ads.
Amazon, kept to the traditional feel good Christmas ad strategy. Different types of people merrily singing 'Everybody needs somebody to love' backed by animated singing Amazon boxes appealed to the majority and made them feel good and as though they were part of the community. The importance of being part of the community has made its way into the masses. From advertising to popular science, it is a known fact that community makes you stronger, while a sense of belonging actually makes you healthier. While the ad scores are in the strong mid sixties the ad is not exceptional. Some people find it a little boring and repetitive. I swear, I didn’t take the survey! :)

"It makes you feel as if you are in the video and related to everyone." "It's nice but a bit annoying". "It was a jolly feel good ad with a great soundtrack" I think it’s got the true meaning of Christmas in this video". "I love this amazon video! It gets you smiling, dancing and singing along it’s so catchy and heartwarming"
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Is the sprout carrot war a good alternative for the weepy Christmas ads?
Inspired by the BBC drama Peaky Blinders Aldi puts the much loved Kevin the carrot into a tricky situation. He is being attacked by the mob and threatened to be turned into a salad! Great gangster and vegetable puns create a lot of buzz on social media using such hashtags as #LeafyBlinders and #RussellSprout.

The Aldi’s 'Amazing Christmas Show' ad is ranked as most interesting, unique and appealing. The lighthearted humour instantly creates a strong emotional connection and generates 'warm and fuzzy' feelings.

"It is a fun and light hearted ad with great music", "It is full of fun and happy scenes, great song from robbie, great advert for adults and kids, puts me in good form for christmas", "it was just fun. all round fun. the atmosphere of the video is fantastic", "Lovable characters and makes you feel warm and fuzzy", "I love it!"
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