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British Christmas 2020: What to expect?

With another COVID-19 lockdown affecting Brits across the country, we wanted to know what were their sentiments toward the holiday season. So we asked them a number of questions to get a greater insight into their moods, concerns, shopping behaviour and general plans for this Christmas.
We interviewed a nationally representative sample of 18−65 y.o. across the UK to get statistically reliable data.
So how do Brits feel about the upcoming holiday season?
Although expectations for Christmas this year are very different, with anticipated restrictions on how and where to celebrate, the general mood remains positive. About 70% of all Brits are looking forward to the holidays.
Though I might not be able to see all the people I usually see, I will have a nice quiet time at home with my wife
I feel like it could be a good time to get away from the negativity surrounding the world at the moment. the brief time off will be a self enclosed time capsule of traditional family fun
Male, 35
However, about one-quarter of Brits have expressed some fears and concerns about the consequences of the current situation and a possible recession.
There is so much uncertainty at the moment with lock down tiers and also job uncertainty - I don't really feel Christmassy
Female, 50
I think with covid I don’t think I can relax properly there is so much negativity out there I feel overwhelmed by it and I think it will overshadow Christmas this year, I just want to get to Christmas next year instead
Male, 30
63% of people expect this Christmas to be very different from previous ones.
I think everyones apprehensive no one knows what the rules will be or when the Christmas feeling will start or if it will start but i don’t think it will be a normal Christmas
Male, 56
However, Brits would not be Brits if there wasn’t a spirit of keeping calm and carrying on.
So people remain positive no matter what!
Christmas it's about the spirit. Even I'll be far away from my family, I will feel it
Male, 40
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Retailers: watch out!
Even though 40% of Brits are not sure how to prepare for Christmas due to potential lockdown, they are getting ready nevertheless.

20% have already bought all the Christmas gifts and another 50% are going to buy them before the end of November! Retailers, watch out: 70% of those purchases are going to be made online. So the best time for Christmas offers is NOW!
Interestingly, about a half of Brits expect to spend less than usual on Christmas gifts. That’s understandable as the majority (61%) are going to celebrate within their 'family buble'. And there are some financial restrictions for some.
I don’t have money for presents and I don’t know how many people we’ll be allowed to be with
Female, 40
I’m glad to have something to look forward to but I have less money to spend so I am worried
Female, 54
Nothing is as sweet as pleasant anticipation, so 40% of all Brits are busy discussing Christmas plans with family and friends. 21% are stocking up on the groceries and 17% have already started writing Christmas cards!
So all in all only 20% of Brits are not in the mood yet. A whopping 80% are already doing something about Christmas.
Brits are family people, so it should come as no surprise that most people are planning to spend it with their immediate family. 15% are organizing a 'zoom-party' and another 15% hope they can invite an extended family and friends over.
Ok, what about Christmas dinner?
More responsive, flexible. Marketing is something everyone should do, not just a team.
Anonymous marketer
About half of our respondents anticipate long queues at grocery stores and supermarkets around Christmas. This means that they are ready to stock up on food and products with a long shelf life in advance, such as alcohol. They may also buy poultry and fresh food and freeze them so they have everything they need for their Christmas dinner.
Christmas ads
Xmas is not the same without good old adverts that get everyone in the mood. Since a lot of ads have already been released, we checked with the British what they thought of them this year.
There is mostly a positive sentiment around Christmas ads as they help people to get into the Christmassy mood.
However 22% of Brits think that companies should rather spend their marketing budget on helping those who have lost their jobs due to the lockdown.
Still, Brits do love their Christmas ads and this year is not an exception!
So, in conclusion
Though Brits think Christmas won’t be the same this year, they are in the mood to celebrate and have a good time with their families. After all, the year has been challenging, so everyone deserves a break and celebration.
I am looking forward to it and see how it will live in my memory as the main event during the pandemic
Male, 35
Christmas won’t be the same this year, but Christmas WON’T be cancelled
Male, 35
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