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Why would you work with a small market research company?

Rimantas Reimontas
Managing Director
Most of my career I spent working for large multinational agencies. Recently I joined Fastuna – a completely different beast in so many terms (size, culture, etc.). I was happy working in a large multinational and am equally happy now. Size doesn't matter then? Regardless of scale all agencies can coexist because diversity and competition bring the best to the clients.

So, what are the unique advantages that smaller agencies can offer to clients?
  • 1
    Specialised expertise caters to diverse client needs
    Small agencies often are best in a very specific area of expertise. They can find their niche and provide highly customised and focused solutions/results to clients.
  • 2
    Yes, we – small fish – are hungry. We're not complacent, we are able to change and adapt quickly (remember the famous "innovate or die"?).
  • 3
    Personalized attention
    The client is the King if you work in a small agency. Not your Finance director or Head of Department – the Client.
  • 4
    Accessible senior talents
    It's not unheard of a senior director to be directly involved in projects. Clients love having access to experienced researchers (not just seeing their photos in pitch decks).
  • 5
    Partnership at its best
    Transparent lines of communication facilitate a true partnership. There's freedom to offer thought-provoking solutions, soundboard the craziest ideas, pilot, go back to the drawing board and pilot again. Clients feel this care and dedication and cherish it.
  • 6
    Fast turnaround
    Bureaucracy is thin in small agencies – less decision-making layers. This leads to clients getting the answers they need more quickly.
  • 7
    Cost-effective solutions
    Lower overhead costs = affordable services.
There are plenty more, but I'm not ChatGPT to know everything.
Working in a small agency is not everyone's cup of tea, but it definitely is mine.
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