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Agile Consumer Platform Integration into Innovation Development

Webinar recording

What's it about?

Insights experts are overwhelmed with tasks. The number of teams simultaneously developing products within the same business significantly exceeds the number of insights experts. That leads to the fact that 90% of product decisions are made without consumer research.
There is a well-known solution called automated market research platforms that allow us to deal with repetitive tasks. But just using a platform ad hoc is not sufficient. Integrating an insights platform into the processes of ad and product development is what maximizes the value of research.
However, when it comes to such integration, many restrictions arise: the company's protocols, action standards, own benchmarks and KPIs, cross-department collaboration, etc.
We have the answer to those challenges after implementing the Fastuna platform in big companies across various industries, such as pharma, FMCG, food and beverage manufacturing, personal care, make-up, restaurants and consumer electronics.
During our webinar, we will showcase how we did it and share the success stories of our clients.

What's in it for me?

    - Stages of product and communication development using consumer validation that you can easily automate. Make sure you are not skipping any of them!
    - Tips for creating an efficient process that ensures everyone is satisfied and the end product/communication is completed quickly and successfully.
    - How to be brave to let your teams carry out research on their own, providing them with a proper tool and keeping the process under control effortlessly.

    Who is this for?

    Consumer insights experts in organizations under digital transformation. For those managers trying to get the most out of modern consumer insights methods and tools to increase the team's efficiency, confidence and create better products faster.
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