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Easy Consumer Testing for In-House Teams

Webinar recording

What's it about?

Learn how Fastuna's consumer testing platform helps in-house teams validate new ideas – quickly, easily, and with confidence.

In-house research & consumer insight teams are often overloaded with requests for consumer validation research.
This can mean choosing between the lesser of two evils:
- burnout, missed deadlines and unhappy stakeholders, or
- saying no, and accepting that colleagues will make decisions without data.

But even for the smallest teams, the right consumer testing platform can help to minimise this dilemma.

Up to 80% of survey-based research can be standardised and automated. Projects then take far less time and effort, and the capacity for consumer testing increases significantly.

But how do you choose the right consumer testing platform, when so many look the same? And how do you integrate your chosen platform into your own processes?

Fastuna's answer to those challenges is called Human Interface. This is a highly experienced Fastuna team that helps set up consumer testing processes tailored to each team's needs.

Successful examples include large companies spanning Consumer Goods, Pharmaceutical, Food & Beverage Manufacturing, Personal Care, Cosmetics, Restaurants and Consumer Electronics.

Watch the Fastuna demo to learn:
- Which stages of product and comms development can are best suited to automated validation. Make sure you are not skipping any of them!
- Tips for creating an efficient process that keeps everyone satisfied and the end product/communication is completed quickly and successfully.
- How to confidently let stakeholders do their own consumer testing research – with the right tools, process and guardrails to keep things under control
- See how Fastuna's Human Interface software and experts help make consumer testing easy; boost the standing of research and insights teams; and give stakeholders the confidence of more data-driven decisions.
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