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Rapid Consumer Surveys. Speed up your business decisions with DIY research

Webinar recording
DIY market research can be daunting; you may not have enough resources, time, headspace or experience. The good news is, there are now lots of tools available that enable you to conduct surveys yourself in no time and even enjoy it!

We'll share our tools and tips on how to conduct quick quantitative surveys with minimal time investment, minimal experience of market research and produce maximum business value.

The webinar will be useful for product managers, marketers, analysts and researchers.

Webinar Outline:
— When to do DIY research?
— How to choose the right method and identify the right target audience.
— Questionnaire writing tips: ask the right questions to get the most insightful answers!
— How to interpret data for maximum gain: learn to draw actionable insights to make quick decisions.
— Q&A.

Takeaway: Learn to conduct quick DIY consumer surveys with confidence and joy!
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