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Are we a platform with people, or are we people with a platform?

Rimantas Reimontas
Managing Director
Recently our Fastuna team gathered in Berlin for some team building and workshopping. We ended up discussing our identity.
- Are we a platform with people?
- Are we people with a platform?
Intuitively, the latter seems more plausible – people develop the platform. But when Fastuna was founded, the cornerstone idea was to create automated solutions for the most frequent research tasks. So, the clients see us as a platform.

However, some of our clients wanted to step up their game. They wanted to integrate our solutions into their NPD process. Now they benefit from a systematic approach to testing and have support from our research-savvy team.

Coming back to the two fundamental questions, Fastuna can be anything you like – a nimble platform for speedy research, or an experienced team that uses the platform to find answers for you. Whether you are looking for a platform with people, or people with a platform – Fastuna is there for you. And magic will inevitably happen.
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