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NPD Strategy for Insightful Product Development:
A Thorough Overview

Aleksandra Taranova
Client Success Specialist
On the way to developing a product, being in touch with your consumers is crucial. The more often you do that, the more successful your product will be. In this guide, we give the overview of the NPD process to help you understand whether you use market research to the fullest or not.
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Step 1 - Concept

The Concept Phase lays the groundwork for the entire NPD journey. It is about understanding the market's needs and formulating innovative ideas to address those needs.

Discover. At Stage 1
, inputs primarily consist of hypotheses about existing problems, need states, or unmet needs within the market. To address these inputs, brainstorming sessions are conducted to create a comprehensive list of need states. The output of this stage is a list of insights, summarized as short, impactful tension statements.

Define. At Stage 2, a cross-functional team reviews and submits generated insights, which are then screened for potential. This stage yields 2-3 of the most promising insights that align with predefined action standards, thereby establishing the path for ideation and development.

Stage 3 entails an intensive brainstorming session to produce product ideas derived from the identified insights. The ideas are then rigorously tested and refined through iterative processes, specifically a Team Sprint. The output consists of 2-3 most promising ideas, shaping the direction for the subsequent steps of the NPD process.

Stage 4 involves a concept writing workshop, where winning ideas are used to develop concepts for testing. Additionally, a multi-functional workshop is conducted to evaluate the feasibility of each idea and concept. The final output of this stage is 1-2 validated concepts that are ready for further development, marking the transition to the next step of the NPD process.

Step 2 - Product

The Product Phase is where the concepts identified and validated in the previous step are transformed into tangible product attributes.

The validated concepts serve as the input for Stage 5. The internal process involves creating a full set of the best product attributes, encompassing elements such as the product name, claims, design, pricing strategy, minimum viable product (MVP) features, production plans, and more. The output of this stage is a comprehensive and detailed set of the best product attributes, essential for product development and positioning.

Step 3 - Marketing

The Marketing Phase focuses on effectively communicating the product to the target audience and creating strategies for successful product promotion.

In Stage 6, the product with its attributes and brand assets serves as the input. A communication brief is developed to guide the subsequent marketing strategies and ensure a consistent and effective message is delivered. The output includes a strategic understanding of how to communicate the product to its target audience, aligning with the product's attributes and brand assets.

Marketing ideas for promotion are the primary input for Stage 7. The internal process involves the development of promotional materials and strategies. The output consists of the most promising marketing ideas, ready for further development and execution in the upcoming stage.

In the final Stage 8, the promotional materials are finalized and prepared for distribution and airing, ensuring they align with the marketing strategies. The ultimate output of this stage is the creation of final cuts that are ready to be aired, marking the successful completion of the NPD process and preparing for the product's market launch.
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