Fastuna AI: In-depth interviews are finally automated

Conversational Research in Action: Introducing Fastuna AI

Webinar recording
We've spent this year testing AI for research purposes.
Join our webinar to learn how conversational research is applicable
to your tasks from our team members who developed a new tool: Fastuna AI.

What's on the agenda?

  • 1
    Impact of AI on Market Research
    We'll share our opinion on AI that we developed after six months of vigorous testing: an overview of the new technology and our predictions on how it will impact the research industry.
  • 2
    Conversational Research
    We'll discuss сonversational research and explain why we think it is the next big thing for our industry.
  • 3
    Fastuna AI Overview
    We'll introduce you to our newest tool, Fastuna AI, which takes boring, emotionally challenging and extremely costly interviewing hours out of the insight and idea generation process.


Asya Zorya, Head of AI Lab, Fastuna
Artem Tinchurin, Visionary CTO, Fastuna
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