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Cracking Product Claims: A Short Guide
to Concept Structure

Aleksandra Taranova
Customer Success Specialist
A concept should focus on addressing one specific insight or tension, accompanied by a key benefit of the product that aims to resolve that tension.
The key benefit represents the core purpose of the product's existence. Other benefits that provide support but hold a lower position in the hierarchy are referred to as Claims.

What should a claim communicate?

By Claims, we mean those unique additional characteristics the product or service offers the consumer. The claims of the product reveal its key benefit. A claim should communicate the main benefit of the product/service. It should be clear and concise:
- 24h protection (deodorant)
- 48h hydration (moisturizing cream)
- Extra fast absorbation (feminine pads)
- Plant-based and vegan-friendly (oat milk)
- The best refreshing taste in Europe
- 65% less fat (Potato Crisps)
- From freezer to plate in under 15 minutes (frozen pizza)
- The perfect sized treat (ice cream)
For example, the key benefit of toothpaste is the whitening function. Here are some of the claims it can have:
- Whitening within 10 days (functional claim)
- Whitening without harm to tooth enamel (functional claim)
- With results from day 1, you're just a few brushes away from a winning smile
- Fresh mint blend for a burst of freshness
- You can bring back the natural beauty of your smile
Additional elements of a concept include RTBs, which are reasons that enhance the product's credibility, the product Name (often related to the key benefit), and endorsements which can also be considered as claims i.e. 'Vegan certified'. See the example below.
Source: The Ordinary
Source: Nike
Which of the product's advantages to highlight in advertising or on labels? Which formulations are the most promising? What properties of the product or service are most important to the consumer?
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