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Download our free template for writing a concept for testing!
Download our free template for writing a concept for testing!

Are you involved in product development, innovation or marketing? Do you want to know how your ideas resonate at early stages? Download our easy to use, quick concept test template.

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Empowering marketing and product teams
At Fastuna, we believe in empowering marketing and product teams to be consumer-centric each step of the way and within any element of the marketing mix. Ensure best outcome before product launch. Reduce times for creative and development work. Maximise launch ROI.

Do consumers like your product or service idea? Which USP's to focus on when developing your communication? Which is the best design for your product? How should you name it? Too many taglines or images? Not a problem — rank them.

All of the above and more can be done within 24 hours using our simple interface. It is designed for you to be able to use it yourself from start to finish. However, we are always available to share our extensive research and product management expertise or provide technical support.