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Platform updates for faster and more convenient consumer insights

Fastuna is evolving, so you have a faster and a more convenient tool for getting consumer insights. We would like to announce some of the new features and remind you about the existing ones.

New platform's features

Easily switch between Top-1 and Top-2. Do the results appear flat? Try comparing by Top-1 instead of Top-2. You can also place the two most important KPIs at the top of your report so that your team has only the essential data for making decisions quickly.
Visualise results in quadrants. It's become extremely easy to select the most promising ideas from the myriad of those generated by your team at a workshop. With our new visualisation tool, which presents the results in quadrants, you can merely choose two KPIs to see which ideas appear in the upper-right quadrant. Then take them into further development.
Each KPI has its own benchmarks. We have updated our benchmarks to include the hundreds of projects conducted on Fastuna. Nothing has changed in the display — you can still see the traffic light indications. But from now on, each KPI in the report has its own value range for good and bad results.

Features you might have missed

Leave your notes below the charts. Summarise the results and add your thoughts on analysis into a dedicated window below each result's block. It will help your stakeholders to understand recommendations more easily.
Shareable link for each project. No more files taking up your precious mailbox storage space. Use a share button to receive a link for your team members. All presets and notes remain visible for all the viewers.
Innovate with confidence
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