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Maria Soroka
12 Mar 2019

Fastuna — empowering agile organisations to make the right decisions fast!

Olga Keating
Companies need tools to cope with increasing pressure to be fast
The modern business world is like a stormy sea — constant waves of change and high speeds. In this climate you have to be able to make decisions quickly and effectively.

This is why it is relevant for companies to transform towards a model where teams can make their own decisions. And in order for teams to make their own decisions they need appropriate processes and tools which will enable them to stay in constant touch with consumers.
Agile structures require decentralised decision making
Traditional business models rely on top-management to make decisions and, of course getting consumer feedback in this format takes a long time. But in the agile model the top-management approval stage is minimized or removed from the process of decision making. Though the teams still need to know whether the product or service they are about to launch is relevant in the market. Most importantly they need to know it fast!
Fastuna — the perfect tool for empowering all kinds of teams to make the right decisions fast
That’s where Fastuna comes in! Fastuna was created as an answer to the need for fast and effective data gathering. What makes it possible is the fact that it is fully automated and simple. Simplicity really is key! In order to empower people in different branches of organisations with different skill sets and backgrounds it has to be completely intuitive. Only then it can be truly integrated into the multitude of processes within a changing organisation.
Fastuna complements other research methods
While there is a clear need for such solutions within modern organisations Fatsuna by no means replaces deep research methods. There is the right time for exploratory research, advanced validation and analytics. In some situations the different approaches can even complement each other.

Fastuna, essentially is a quick check of consumer opinion. It is available within a few hours and is usable straight away by anyone in an organisation. And in today’s modern climate such agile tools have the upper hand.
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