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Olga Keating
13 Mar 2019

Are your insights bioavailable?

Would you lick an iron frying pan in order to replenish your blood iron?
Each morning after having some nice scrambled egg on toast and a cup of tea I follow it up with a good dose of vitamin D. This lovely vitamin has always been around as its produced by our own bodies when exposed to the sun. However, in recent years it gained more popularity along with all things healthy. Here in the UK where the sun shines for less than 40% of the time supplementation is necessary. Not only do we need a lot of vitamin D it also has to be bioavailable. In other words, the form in which the vitamin comes has to be suitable for our bodies to recognize and take into processing if we want it to grant us all its potential benefits. Basically, licking your iron frying pan will not improve your blood iron. :) So, in other words do we always need a lot of data to obtain actionable insights?
Things aren't that different in the world of research
Often companies find themselves left with an abundance of data but how much of it is actually being used to make decisions? Sometimes it is easy to lose focus of what is really required from the end result not to mention the time it takes to work through the intricate and complex data. 'Bioavailable' insights are the insights delivered in the format and size that is easy to understand and apply within the company. The form in which the data is delivered has to be understandable and ready to take into processing and action if we want it to give us all its potential benefits. After all, only part of the vitamins is absorbed when in the wrong form and only some of the data is used when in the wrong format.
Bite size insights make you faster
In today’s fast and accelerating market speed is everything. Certain decisions have to be made instantly and a lot can rest on them. There are situations in which a quick sense check or verification can make all the difference. In order to act quickly and in an informed way data has to be made 'bioavailable'. Much like vitamins which have to be taken in the appropriate bioavailable expression in order to be absorbed by the body. It is about getting insights in a format that is easy to digest. Just like vitamin D wouldn’t be of much benefit if it is not in a state in which a body can reap the benefits from it, data wouldn’t be very useful if it is not actionable. It is about insights in bite sized format or snackable insights, if you will,… when less is more.

By working in focused standardized loops insights come in bite sized, 'bioavailable' formats allowing for increased digestibility, co-creation with colleagues, partners and clients. Snackable insights are also easy to share and action within the business. They are widely applicable and multi-functional. The right decisions are easier to make when you can focus on the essence. Thus keeping your business’s health in a tip top shape whatever the season.
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