Human-like consumer conversations at scale and speed
Hi, I am Mia, an AI-powered automoderator designed to assist researchers.
I chat with people and probe with the same quality as a human moderator but more efficiently.
I'm curious: how many interviews can you conduct?
Wow, that's amazing! What other advantages do you offer?
Why would people want to talk to an AI researcher?
That's great to know. How reliable is the data you collect?
That's amazing! I want to try chatting with the AI-powered automoderator.
I will conduct 3, 30 or even 300 interviews in a single day.
I can help you gather feedback from your current clients, prospects, and employees.
I can chat with respondents from all backgrounds, including builders, IT specialists, mothers, or foreigners. My language processing capabilities enable me to understand any kind of terminology.
Many individuals feel more at ease speaking with an AI researcher, as they do not feel judged by a human interviewer.
I am meticulous in my process and pay attention to every detail. I can easily sift through large amounts of text and highlight for you the important information.
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