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Fastuna offers fully automated solutions for validating and optimising innovation, branding and marketing ideas within 24 hours.
We created Fastuna to address the growing need for fast and focused research. Our high tech tools ensure we give you, our clients, meaningful answers and insights you can act on.
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SIA Tiburon Research
Krišjāņa Barona iela 32 - 12, Rīga, Latvia, LV-1011
  • Rimantas Reimontas
    Managing Director
    With over two decades of experience in Market Research, I have cultivated expertise that spans diverse geographical regions and a wide array of research techniques. During the past ten years, I have taken on various business management roles, including my most recent position with a large research agency in the UK.

    "I believe in simple solutions for a fast-paced decision-making process and Fastuna stands for this principle"

  • Nelly Mamyan
    Chief Success Officer
    Over 20 years of market research & business management.

    "I believe that the key to business success is satisfied client. And of course the team which is able to make each client happy"
  • Artem Tinchurin
    CTO, co-founder
    15 years of market research (both agency and client side) and IT product development experience.

    "I am driven by the challenge of building extremely complex systems which are extremely easy to use."
  • Marat Sustavov
    Marketing Director
    B2B marketer with 10+ years of market research experience in both qual and quant.

    "My goal is to simplify the sophisticated customer insights tools so that our clients can create better products faster."
  • Olga Sukhman
    Product Consultant
    7 years of minding the gap between people and technology.

    "I am passionate about people and the way technologies can improve our lives. I wish that every individual could be focusing on creative tasks"
  • Olga Radu
    Customer Success Manager
    15 years of market research and consumer insights experience in FMCG, Pharmaceutical, and Telecom markets (both agency and client side). She previously worked at Rogers Communications in Canada.

    "I love Fastuna for its fast and efficient decision-making opportunities, delivering survey results to clients in just a few hours".
  • Elena Kolocharova
    Customer Success Manager
    Market researcher with 12 years of diverse experience in studying new products and ad materials at different stages of development, across a range of industries, including online services, smart devices, telecom, and FMCG.

    "My main inspiration as a researcher is an opportunity to contribute to innovative products and drive impactful customer solutions".
  • Anna Kupriyanova
    4 years of marketing theory at University level, followed by 3+ years of marketing practice in B2B and B2C.

    "Fastuna is such an asset for any business that wants to make better decisions at a high pace. I love that I get to be Fastuna's cheerleader, raising awareness about it's tools and capabilities".
  • Aleksandra Taranova
    Junior Customer Success Specialist
    Over 10 years in journalism, SMM, media analytics.

    "Customer care is a distinctive feature of Fastuna. Our team works with full involvement in client projects. Research expertise, friendliness, fast reaction - it's all about Fastuna customer service team!"
  • Albert Babayan
    Customer Success Manager
    More than 12 years in marketing research. Worked in major telecom companies and in retail.

    "The strongest inspiration for me comes when I see businesses making decisions based on the research findings that we conduct. Fastuna supports this inspiration at a high level by allowing to quickly obtain answers to the research questions at hand."
8 developers
12 data specialists
19 research managers
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Fastuna is an agile market research platform for getting consumer feedback on your product and advertising ideas within 24 hours.